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From the frozen northern continent of Northrend to the tropical southern ports of Theramore and Booty Bay, a cry went up from the people for protection; for liberation of the oppression at the hands of the Armies of the Lich King Arthas.

At the behest of the Shaman Council in the Exodar, two Draenei adventurers began to recruit a specialized force of warriors and casters from the realms. They are selective, and particular about their recruitment, but they continue to seek out those with honor, pride, and a sense of duty to the people, and not the governments that have abandoned them. Bound to no central city nor allied to any particular faction, these souls are the last defense of the people against the night.

Now, their tasks completed in Northrend, they have returned home to find their world torn asunder; their friends and families refugees from their lands, a world gone mad in the Twilight of the coming Darkness. Deathwing has descended upon Azeroth, and with the shattering of the old kingdoms, he has brought about a new frontier for those with the ambition to seek it.

Their comrades are spread out amongnst the land, each doing their part in the wake of the Cataclysm, protecting those without the means to protect themselves. Tasked to protect not only the newborn hold on Northrend's lands, but assisting with maintaining Outland and reclaiming Azeroth from the Twilight's Hammer cultists, these brave adventurers have taken no respite, wasting no time in rejoining the fray.

They are the Windswords Militia; swift and deadly to their enemies, respectful and just in the eyes of the people.


        Please view our Militia Charter (best viewed with Firefox).        



[[We are a family-oriented, family-operated roleplay guild on The Scryers server. We are primarily PvE, with some Battlegrounds PvP and Raiding on the horizon. We are a young and small guild, but we pride ourselves in a strong sense of family, camaraderie, and loyalty to the ideals we have set forth in our charter and in our approach to the game. We look forward to growing together as a guild in the future towards a strong presence on the server, one known for its integrity and honor. Welcome to the Windswords.]]

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